Woops I did it Again

Hurray to John for revealing this just now. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Phill Ryu of Macheist and asked if I was interested in helping him promote MacheistII. Phill said that a series of blogs we’re going to be hacked in jest, and following this the Macheist site itself would succumb and MacheistII would be revealed … Read more

Screw you MalcWhore

I always thought we wrote some fairly objective and helpful stuff on this blog, but I guess not everyone feels that way. A lame SOB by the name of Malcor has been targeting Mac related sites for defacing (as Glenn found out), and while I admit that we were heavily warned it seems that we were indeed hacked … Read more

Tutorial: Automator Basics

In case you haven’t heard, Automator rules. Automator is the often under-appreciated and underestimated automation tool, provided by Apple in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, to bring the power of automation to users with no need for programming. In this simple tutorial I’ll show you the basics of Automator and walk you through a simple Backup application … Read more


Let temptation take over with a divine selection of mouthwatering treats that will prove your resistance futile. The chocolate workshop is in full swing behind glass windows, and creations are made ever more indulgent by using premium ingredients — including chocolates from Bonnat, the world’s oldest chocolatier in France where the family has been producing … Read more


From the trees, soil, ponds, and glistening skyscrapers that define this lively neighborhood, Thailand’s leading designers reinterpret the Five Elements. Each of the 238 rooms and suites in the five star hotel in Bangkok come kitted out with a fully integrated Apple Mac mini media solution. Get to know the elements of design and see the hotel in 360. … Read more